1.4ct Unheated Montana Sapphire




1.4ct Trillion Montana Sapphire

7.1 x 3.8mm, Cut in the USA by Samantha Rosenberg

An excellent Unheated Blue Missouri River Sapphire, with occasional hints of green and sometimes purple!  Very light and well-distributed silk, not visible to the naked eye but enough to give a soft brilliance 🙂   Expertly cut by one of our USA lapidaries in a classic step-cut trillion, with cut corners for easy setting.  This All-American Sapphire is from a dumptruck load of mine-run gravel we sourced at one of the small mines along the Missouri River in the 2018 mining season.

trillion Montana sapphire, unheatedUnheated Montana SapphireMontana Sapphire, Missouri River Sapphire

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